APM config_file location

I want to start APM upon Spring boot startup using:

ElasticApmAttacher.attach(Collections.singletonMap("config_file", elasticapm-dev.properties));

elasticapm-dev.properties is a properties file with the name other than the standard elasticapm.properties in our resouces folder: src/main/resources/

What would be the correct path to provide to our elasticapm-dev.properties file

Please see the relevant documentation.
Either place somewhere on the file system and provide the full path, or at the same folder the elastic-apm-agent.jar is in and use the special value _AGENT_HOME_.

Unfortunately, despite stating so in the documentation, providing a classpath location for config_file does not work. I've updated the documentation accordingly.

I've added ElasticApmAttacher.attach(String propertiesLocation) which makes it possible to customize the location of the properties file.

You can follow this PR: https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-java/pull/892 and subscribe the repository for releases in order to get notified when this gets released.

Thank you @felixbarny that was my point
I have tried all possible combinations before posting here (checked it with the docs accordingly) and miserably failed
I am looking forward for this PR be released

You won't have to wait very long :wink:
Be sure to subscribe the GitHub repository for releases in order to get an email notification.

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