APM Integration Issue

{"log.level":"error","@timestamp":"2023-10-20T13:15:35.973Z","log.logger":"agentcfg","log.origin":{"file.name":"agentcfg/elasticsearch.go","file.line":134},"message":"refresh cache error: context deadline exceeded","service.name":"apm-server","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}
{"log.level":"error","@timestamp":"2023-10-20T13:15:45.979Z","log.logger":"beater","log.origin":{"file.name":"beater/waitready.go","file.line":64},"message":"precondition failed: EOF","service.name":"apm-server","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

I got this error in the apm-server.log file.

When i run the test command of elasticapm test it gives the success message. But i dont see the data in apm tab in kibana

D:\Master\ceburu-python>python manage.py elasticapm test
Trying to send a test error to APM Server using these settings:

SERVICE_NAME: ceb-apm-service-local
SERVER: https://x.x.x.x.com:8200

Success! We tracked the error successfully!
You should see it in the APM app in Kibana momentarily.
Look for "TestException: Hi there!" in the Errors tab of the ceb-apm-service-local app

apm-server is having trouble connecting to Elasticsearch. A couple of suggestions:

  • double check that the Elasticsearch configuration in apm-server.yaml is correct
  • check if you can successfully connect to/query Elasticsearch from the same machine on which apm-server is running

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