APM Java Agent: How get more information on request

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Hi There,
I did basic integration of java agent on my tomcat server, I could see very less information on dashboard,
I am getting that only for Rest and server API,,Do I need to write custom code for same on other?
How to do that with any existing third party jar ?
is there any setting to get more information ? such as method called , time used by each methods inside etc.

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Thanks for trying it out!
Please take a look at the supported technologies page to see what we instrument out of the box. Other than that, you can add custom instrumentation using our public API or the OpenTracing bridge. It requires some code changes, but we tried to make it as simple as possible and it provides you the ability to monitor anywhere in your code.
For third party code, try to find the places in your code that calls/wraps them to apply one of the custom instrumentation methods mentioned above. We plan to add the ability to monitor such by specifying class/method to instrument some time in the future.
Please let us know which libraries you are using.


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