APM Java agent not working with Vert.x


I am not being able to audit the transactions against my Vert.x application using the Java agent for this purpose.
According to the documentation:

there is an experimental support for Vert.x since version 1.0.24

With other technologies (for example JAX-RS running on Payara) I had no problems.
The agent configuration was passed as a parameter in the initialization of the artifact:

-javaagent: /path-to/elastic-apm-agent-1.24.0.jar
-Delastic.apm.service_name = service-name
-Delastic.apm.config_file = /path-to-config

Currently It's only auditing the app metrics but no transactions.

The versions I use are:

APM Java Agent: 1.0.24
Vert.x Web: 3.9.3
Java: 1.8.0_13

Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

I tried on the other hand to use the @CaptureTransaction annotation
And although in this case it audit the transactions, it is not auditing information related to the Http request (http.response.status_code for example).

Hi @Pablo_Albertengo,

as of now, Vert.x is an experimental instrumentation which means it's not enabled per default. You need to set the enable_experimental_instrumentations config option to true to enable Vert.x instrumentation.

Thanks a lot @alexander.wert !!!
Now including the configuration option and upgrading the agent version (because the configuration option was included since 1.0.25) it is correctly registering the transactions for me.

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