APM JMS -Tibco


this is just a question if you can help
is there any documentation how to integrate ELK APM java agent and Tibco EMS/JMS

if you guys can help it would be awesome


Hi @tmihaldinec,

Do you want to install APM agent:

  • on applications that use Tibco as JMS messaging platform
  • on Tibco itself

Installing agent on applications that use JMS is probably the most interesting option, as monitoring JMS messages on Tibco itself would not provide very actionable information, and is also probably better covered with dedicated monitoring tools, just like a database server.

JMS is an incubating feature, and is thus disabled by default, see documentation on how to enable it.


many thanks.. i was trying to gather info how to install APM agent on Tibco itself and to connect all applications to be visible in APM

but.. now when i am reading your post i can see that this is better idea than doing APM on Tibco itself

just for sake of curiosity.. installing APM agent is not possible?


From what I've read on their documentation that seems possible, but I don't know exactly how to do it.

Searching for ways to configure JVM parameters to add a -javaagent parameter should be a good start, as I guess it's quite unlikely that they document how to attach a Java agent to their solution.

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