Apm Metrics are sent multiple times to APM

There are multiple metrics being sent to Apm Server for a specific node per interval. The documents contain the same data and structure though are a bit different.

Kibana version: 7.17.1
Elasticsearch version: 7.17.1
APM Server version: 7.17.1
APM Agent language and version: 1.11.1+ca11381c8840632c65925393de57797871b359c5
or 1.15.0+03d5f13cfbcb431ef0ee7cec6c88734dbf6d7540

Steps to reproduce:
1."ElasticApm:MetricsInterval": "30s",
2. Wait for metrics to be sent
3. Filter data in apm-*-metrics by

  • processor.name: metric
  • processor.event: metric
  • metricset.name: app
  1. You can observe multiple documents per interval per single host.hostname

Expected Behaviour:
If we send metrics every 30s I expect single metrics document every 30s. Now they are multiple documents with the similar timestamp.
Is this a bug or expected behavior?

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