APM - NodeJS on Strapi Application

Anyone here knows how instrument Strapi application with Nodejs APM?

I realy dont know where i have to put the calling methods of apm on this application type...


Hey @OscarFilho, nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by!

The Node.js agent doesn't have explicit support for Strapi -- however, presuming Strapi uses Node's standard HTTP(S) methods under the hood you should get basic transactions, and then can use the API to name transactions, create spans, etc. if you need something more specific.

I took a quick look at strapi's bootstrap project and it looks like they load a lot of code before giving you a chance to add anything of your own. In situations like that your best bet is to use the --require option to load in the agent when starting node and then use env. variables to configure the agent.

Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes!

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