APM not showing all Traces for Reactive Java Framework Service

We have one Java Service which uses Reactive Framework and connects with MongoDB. We added APM Agent with Service then we are not seeing complete tracing in APM. We just get one span(Java Controller API) and no Span for DB Interaction and others.

It is becoming hard to debug with this. Please help how to get Complete Traces for Reactive Service.
APM Agent: 1.19.1
Java Version: 11

Please let us know if you need any more info

If you are using either Spring web reactive or the reactive MongoDB driver, then notice both are not yet supported. You can monitor the related issues (#1306 and #1547) in order to get notifications about progress of either.

One option you can try out right away is using the OpenTelemtry agent on this specific service and rely on our OpenTelemetry integration.

I hope this helps.

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