APM On Grape API and Sidekiq

  1. We are unable to see Grape APIs being monitored.
  2. Sidekiq is not reporting. How do we enable it?

Hi Oded!
We have merged support for Grape into master but it hasn't been released yet. It will be released soon! Here is our changelog.
What version of the agent are you using? Sidekiq instrumentation should work with no special setup. Can you give more details about your app and what you're experiencing so we can help? Thanks!

I have 3.1.0 version.
We are running the sidekiq as usual - bundle exec sidekiq -C...... - Nothing special here. We do have the Pro version though

Ok we have the sidekiq on. it was our issue.

About the Grape API. When is it expected to release?

I'm glad to hear you have Sidekiq working now!
The next version including Grape support will be released soon, within the next few weeks : )

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