APM Rum agent source maps for multiple subdomains

When uploading the the source map for the clientside js RUM agent you need to specify:

  • service_name
  • service_version
  • bundle_filepath

As part of my applications deploy process I upload a new source map with a consistent service name and version. When my agent initializes it uses the same service_name & service_version.

However my application uses many different subdomains so there is never a consistent bundle_filepath. For example if I use "https://mywebsite/assets/app.js" when I upload the sourcemap and have "https://subdomain-one.mywebsite/assets/app.js" report an error it shows in the log that it can't find the sourcemap that matches my service name, service version and path "https://subdomain-one.mywebsite/assets/app.js"

Is there anyway to fix this issue?

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your interest in Elastic APM.

You should be able to upload the same sourcemap file for multiple bundle_filepath and APM server would find the appropriate sourcemap for each subdomain.


Hi @Hamidreza,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately we have hundreds of subdomains so it would not be practical to upload a sourcemap for all of them.

Unfortunately, uploading multiple files is our only solution to this problem. However I've opened this issue in the APM Server repo to keep track of this feature request.

Please feel free to comment on the issue.


Thanks for opening up the issue. Hopefully we can get this feature added, anyone that uses different subdomains per client will have the same problem.

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