Apm-rum-angular - how to turn on session when we do ApmService.init()

I'm using the latest elastic/apm-rum-angular": "^2.1.0" with Angular 10 and seems I can't turn on the session.
In the AgentConfigOptions, I don't see the session option, although I see this session is implemented in core and by default it's off

export declare class ApmService {
    apm: ApmBase;
    private router;
    private readonly ngZone;
    constructor(apm: ApmBase, router: Router, ngZone: NgZone);
    init(config: AgentConfigOptions): ApmBase;
    observe(): void;

declare module '@elastic/apm-rum' {
  export interface AgentConfigOptions {
    apiVersion?: 2 | 3
    serviceName?: string
    serverUrl?: string
    serviceVersion?: string
    active?: boolean
    instrument?: boolean
    disableInstrumentations?: Array<InstrumentationTypes>
    environment?: string
    logLevel?: LogLevel
    breakdownMetrics?: boolean
    flushInterval?: number
    pageLoadTraceId?: string
    pageLoadSampled?: boolean
    pageLoadSpanId?: string
    pageLoadTransactionName?: string
    distributedTracing?: boolean
    distributedTracingOrigins?: Array<string | RegExp>
    errorThrottleLimit?: number
    errorThrottleInterval?: number
    transactionThrottleLimit?: number
    transactionThrottleInterval?: number
    transactionSampleRate?: number
    centralConfig?: boolean
    ignoreTransactions?: Array<string | RegExp>
    propagateTracestate?: boolean
    eventsLimit?: number
    queueLimit?: number

Hi @YanW ,

The Session feature is only experimental and we are in the testing phase on figuring out the proper session window and load testing how we can scale that feature which is why we have not talked about it much or added any documentation on that configuration.

I would encourage you to wait until we have proper documentation and provide out of the box session instrumentation.


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