APM-server docker image does not support curl, preventing proper health test

APM Server version docker image: 8.13.4

The docker image does not support curl command.
I would like to use curl to detect whether apm-server is healthy for dependent services.

Steps to reproduce**:

  1. docker run -it elastic/apm-server:8.13.4
    2.docker ps --> look for the id if the apm-server container
    3.docker exec -it [CONTAINER_ID] /bin/bash
  2. curl
  3. Observe error message: "bash: curl: command not found"

Is there some alternative way to health check the apm-server container?

Thank you!

A couple of stop-gap options:

I think it would probably make sense for us to add an apm-server sub command (apm-server test server or something like that...) for performing a healthcheck, and defining that in the Docker image.