APM server integration with opensearch

I want to configure my APM server to send the data to my opensearch instance.
Instead of username and password I have aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key, however in the APM config I only see the option to provide username/password:

      hosts: [my.opensearch.domain]
      username: username
      password: password

Also I could not find any docs or articles that explain how to configure this integration.

Can you please help me?

I'm afraid OpenSearch is not in the list of compatible outputs for the Elastic APM Server, as you can see here: Configure the output | APM Server Reference [7.15] | Elastic


ok, thanks!

I also created an aws Elasticsearch cluster, and it doesn't work as well..
all my requests hit timeout.

      hosts: [my.elasticserach.domain]
      username: username
      password: password
      protocol: https

Is this the correct config to use?

We do not support any of the aws distributions as they are not Elasticsearch.

You will either need to upgrade to proper Elasticsearch, or use Elastic Cloud on AWS - AWS Marketplace: Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch managed service)

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