APM service name

Dear Elastic team,

We have managed to get the APM data but we have another problem.
We want name the services so we can have a view from which env it is. Is that possible
Attached screenshot to be more clear.

hi @yasin

you can set needed service name with environment info, config .
For example, MIDOFFICE-dev, MIDOFFICE-test, MIDOFFICE-prod.

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Hi @yasin

Yes, as @nugusbayevkk correctly pointed out, we recommend that you add the environment as a suffix to your service-name.

It doesn't say in your question if you already use the new environment config option, but as it's stated in its documentation, it's not fully supported in the UI yet.

As an alternative to adding the suffix, you could also use the query bar above to filter for the environment you want to see. But I personally suggest using the suffix as it's less work :smiley:

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