APM showing framework exceptions also in Errors tab

We have integrated APM with our Spring boot application Java. we have two concerns with APM agent, just wanted to know are they expected or anything missing at my side in configuration.

Below are the concerns

  1. If we use throw new in application with 200 HTTP Status code APM is showing in errors tab.
  2. In spring DataAccessException is thrown by the spring framework which is caught in the application and handled. These are also showing in ELK errors tab. For this point I have added image reference.

Please help in this.

Hi and thanks for the question.

This is expected - errors are reported whenever a method instrumented by the agent ends with an uncaught Exception. In addition, the agent reports errors as part as the automated support in logging frameworks.

If you want the agent to ignore specific Exception types, you can configure that through ignore_exceptions.

We are going to add a new outcome field to transactions and spans soon, that will better reflect errors, rather than Exceptions.

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