APM Transaction and Error JSON

Hi Team,

We are using ELK 6.8.4 and trying to add custom tags in APM JSONs.
I have a query related to transaction and error JSONs.
When my REST API is successful, it generates on transction JSON which is correct but when the response is failed, it is generating only error JSON. My understanding is irrespective of the response of REST API, it should generate transaction JSON.
Please correct my understanding as we are creating custom dashboard using APM's transaction JSONs.


Could you share which APM agent and version you are using?

Hi ,
We are using APM 6.8.1 version with APM Python Agent.


Hi @SheetalRIL

do you happen to use Flask for your REST API? I just found a bug in our Flask integration, which results in exactly this behavior. Basically, we listen to the flask.signals.request_finished signal to end the transaction, but it turns out that Flask doesn't send that signal if an unhandled error occurs during the request.

I've opened an issue to track this here: https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-python/issues/629

@SheetalRIL we just released a fix for the bug I described above, it's in 5.3.0 of the agent. Can you give that a try?

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