Append field if document_id already exists

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I have a csv file with multiple records for each document where the data is partially different.

doc_id insurance_policy policy_holder
C12 P-C12-2017 Michal
C12 P-C12-2017 Sophie
C12 P-C12-2017 Adam
C12 P-C12-2017 Peter

I am processing the above csv file using the csv plugin in Logstash to insert data into elastic.
Instead of having 4 documents in elastic, my requirement is to have only one document with all data in it.

Intended document in elastic
_id: C12,
policy: P-C12-2017,
holders: [ Michal, Sophie, Adam, Peter]

How can I achieve this using Logstash?

(I tried using elasticsearch plugin to lookup already existing document to fetch the policy_holder data but this only picks up one entry)

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