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Hi there

I am working on a large application that ingests a lot of data using logstash. We have logstash looking for a CSV file and a conf file coming in a pair in a specific folder. When a new file gets created in that folder, file input plugin consumes the file and imports into ES.

we have used config.reload.automatic: true flag in yml file to load these files automatically.

What I m looking for is that when logstash finish running the file to archive my conf file or just run that conf file only once and then stop.

How can I do this ? Is there some sort of custom scripting that I can do in ruby to move the file after it is completed ?

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You could monitor the sincedb files to figure out when Logstash is done with a file, and when that happens you can delete the files or move them out of the way.

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Hey Magnus,

Thanks for your response, any pointers on how I can do that ? I am running it on windows box.



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