Are new input files automatically enabled with the reload feature?

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I am trying to get some confirmation whether filebeat automatically adds new input files that are dropped in a config path with a GLOB pattern or not ? In our case we will have a number of applications that will be running on a shared host and during deployment we would like to drop input files for each application in a special folder that will be picked up by the filebeat process without it having to be restarted.

According to another thread (Clarifications regarding reload configuration) the reloading feature in filebeat should cover file content changes in files that existed during init of filebeat aswell as newly added input files while the filebeat process is running. Unfortunately I cannot get this to work.

I have checked the following:

  • Running the latest version of filebeat, 6.3.1 on Linux
  • The file permissions of the input file is 0440 with ownership belonging to the filebeat user
  • The input file works when the filebeat process is restarted

Snippets of my config looks like this:


      enabled: true
      path: /opt/filebeat-test/config/inputs/*.yml
       enable: true
       period: 10s

file permissions

drwxr-x---. 2 filebeat-local-user filebeat-local-group  48 Jul 23 10:12 .
drwxr-x---. 4 filebeat-local-user filebeat-local-group  52 Jul 23 10:12 ..
-r--r-----. 1 filebeat-local-user filebeat-local-group 101 Jul 23 10:17 filebeat-log.yml
-r--r-----. 1 filebeat-local-user filebeat-local-group  63 Jul 23 09:56 syslog.yml

Any ideas what could be wrong ?


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I managed to spot my own error - i missed the last 'd' in the 'reload.enabled' property for the reload configuration. Now when the configuration is correct I can confirm that everything is working as expected!


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