Array variable or loop



I hava many input file in my configuration file, like this:

file {
path => "/root/elasticsearch/test-logs/log-node1.log"
type => "apache"
file {
path => "/root/elasticsearch/test-logs/log-node2.log"
type => "apache"
file {
path => "/root/elasticsearch/test-logs/log-node3.log"
type => "apache"
file {
path => "/root/elasticsearch/test-logs/log-node4.log"
type => "apacher"

In my filter bloc, i test evry input file

I want to do somting like this :

i ={ 1,2, 3,4}

if [path] == "/root/elasticsearch/test-logs/log-node**(i)**.log" {

grok {
patterns_dir => "./patterns"
match => [ "message", "%{HTTPDATE:timestamp}|{DATA:httpsession}}" ]


mutate {
add_field => { "httpsessionNode(i)" => "%{httpsession}" }



Can u help me




I don't know how to do this, but if you want to match on a specific file name pattern, you can use normal glob patterns (I added a * instead of the number):

path => "/root/elasticsearch/test-logs/log-node*.log"

This matches all log-node*.log files. This might work, if the number is somewhere in the log available to you.


thanks for your answer.

I wanna get a specific patterns for every node.

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What is your goal? To have a field httpsessionNode(i) that contains the data?

To get your results the easiest way is to just create N separate logstash instances. Each with a certain path and you can easily set the httpsessionNode(i) value. Its not pretty but it works.


Hi michael,

I modified my topic, i think that my goal is clear now,

Can i do that with Logstash

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