As is the data entry logstash?

As is the data entry by logstash with the host and port?

Please try to rephrase your question. It's impossible to understand what you're asking.

how do you enter the information of a URL in Logstash?

What URL are you talking about? Are you looking for the http or http_poller input plugins?

i receive information from ip 190.x.x.x in port 5500.
how do i enter or log this information in logstash?

It's still not entirely clear what you mean. Will 190.x.x.x connect to port 5500 on the Logstash host? Or is Logstash supposed to connect to 190.x.x.x:5500 and receive data?

logstash be connected to the 190.x.x.x : 5500 and receive data

Use the tcp input.

input {
  tcp {
    host => "190.x.x.x"
    port => 5500
    mode => "client"

Perfect, thank you