Aspnetcore appsettings.json Schema

Can anyone point me to the documentation for the ElasticAPM appsettings.json configuration?

I need to specify an array of URLs to ignore. I've seen documentation for Java and Node that has it as an option but I'm not sure how to use it for dotnet. Would it be as simple as this?

"ElasticApm": { "IgnoreUrls": [ "/ping" ] }

Hi @Paul_B. Welcome to our community!

At the moment .NET APM Agent doesn't support IgnoreUrls configuration setting. The list of all the configuration settings supported by the agent is here.

As a workaround, you can use .NET Agent's FIlter API to discard transactions based on the request URL.

Of course, you can also open an issue at the Github repo to add support for IgnoreUrls configuration setting.

Hi @Sergey_Kleyman , thanks for the feedback, shame about the current lack of support, hopefully that's on the roadmap for a future release?

In the meantime I'll give the workaround you suggested a try :+1:

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