Assign a value from a line before if field has no value present


I wonder that is it possible to assign data to a blank field from a line appeared before in logstash?

I mean there is a csv file, and in this csv file, some lines' date field does not have value because these lines prepared to be the continuation of the first line before them.

Like this:

    4/1/2020 9:33:50 AM,1234567890:main (1234567890),,IVR (123),answered,00:00:01,00:00:24,,,IVR (123) replaced by Q callcenter (100),
    ,1234567890:main (1234567890),,Q callcenter (100),answered,00:00:00,00:00:37,,,Q callcenter (100) replaced by (122),
    ,1234567890:main (1234567890),,xyz (123),answered,00:00:06,00:00:00,,,Picked up by xyz (122),

I have to assign value which appear in the first line ( 4/1/2020 9:33:50 AM) to second and third lines.
I read this topic and understand assign a specific value to an empty field, but is it possible that to assign a value from the other line?

Or Is there anything you can recommend to me?


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