Auditbeat - how to exclude outbound socket data

Im hoping to reduce the amount of data that auditbeat is sending me for a specific host. Host in question is producing 5-10x more than any others. Is running zabbix-server so there are lots of outbound sockets. From the data it appears that these account for the majority of the logged data (95+%).

I see these entries in auditbeat.reference.yml

- module: system
    - socket  # Opened and closed sockets

How would I set auditbeat.yml to not log this data?

Is there a preferred way to reduce the data volume?

What version of Auditbeat are you running? Is it 7.4.0+ with the updated system/socket dataset that produces flows? This one might be producing less events because it should produce only one event when a flow ends.

And to filter you could add a drop_event processor that looks at network.direction: outbound.

- module: system
  datasets: [socket]
  - outbound

Yes 7.4.x - I have puppet set to install whatever the latest, greatest version is.

I'll try this setting. TY.

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