Automating Metricbeats Installation

I have got to install metricbeats on a several machines, which I was planning to do it using the Configuration Management tool, I have got stuck at while adding the security credentials to the keystore. Is there a way to add the credentials to keystore in metricbeats in a single line statement? Just want to ignore the prompting for the password in the next line; which I couldn't able to handle it. Please let me know. Thanks !


Thanks for your metricbeat post. I've used the technique of echoing a value and piping it to the keystore command. The following post gives an example of doing this for Elasticsearch. The process should be similar for metricbeat or any of the other beats.

echo "secret value" | ./elasticsearch-keystore add -x


Hi @Michael_Madden,
Thanks for your reply.
It worked with this command :slight_smile:

echo 'Testing' | .\metricbeat.exe keystore add --stdin ES_HOST --force

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