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The new AWS Metricbeat module looks great. We have similar ad hoc solutions internally for things like RDS and ALB metrics, so this will be a welcome way to have a more "official" way to ingest metrics from Cloudwatch.

Is there consideration for supporting other Cloudwatch namespaces? If so, is there a document and/or timeline?


Hello @justinw! Great to hear that! We have to track AWS metricbeat module development in general and you can see we have several sub-issues created to add varies metricsets for other Cloudwatch namespaces.

Is it possible if you can share some use cases on RDS and ALB here (or private msg) on how these cloudwatch metrics can help you? It will be very helpful information for us to propose/prioritize features like this.

Sure. Generally we'd just like to ingest metrics for certain databases, loadbalancers, and other resources that we care about. Currently we can get them in Cloudwatch itself, or another collection system.

However it's nice to have them in Elasticsearch so that we can visualize them along side other things (like logs, custom metrics, etc). It also lets us write more specific alerts (i.e. when some custom metric and some database metric are out of the ordinary, simultaneously).

The rabbitmq module is nice because it let's you pick resources based on a regex, which might be nice here too (all prod databases, prod-*, where we don't care about dev/test/etc).

I'd be happy to add more detail in any particular area if you have follow ups.


Great information! Thank you @justinw for sharing!

@justinw Forgot to say, please feel free to comment on the github issue and give feedbacks. Thank you!

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