AzureBlob Old/Existing logs not Ingesting


Hope someone could help.

I have logstash ingesting logs from Azureblob storage. What happened is that logs stopped ingesting 2 days ago. Today I got it working again however, the logs from the last 2 days are not getting ingested as well. Is there any reason to this and a fix?

Below is my logstash input config:

input {
    azureblob {
        storage_account_name => "***********"
        storage_access_key => "**********"
        container => "azureblob"
        add_field => { "service" => "logging" }
        tags => [ 'azure' ]
        codec => "json"
        registry_lease_duration => 60
        registry_create_policy => resume
        file_head_bytes => 0
        file_tail_bytes => 0

I have tried changing the plugin parameter "registry_create_policy => resume" to "registry_create_policy => start_over" but no joy.

Help would be much appreciated thanks.

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