Backup and Restore of the overall ECE (configuration)


Not found in the documentation, how to backup/restore the ECE environment. (think moving or migrating the full or part of an ECE)

KR Henk


If I understand correctly, you want to migrate Nodes, I think.
I recommend reading this documentation: Move nodes or instances from allocators | Elastic Cloud Enterprise Reference [3.2] | Elastic

Hello Joao,

Thank for your reply, but I was more thinking about the ECE config itself. Basically the description of all running elastic clusters (the meta data), I was thinking using the API to extract this info or maybe saving the Docker yaml's ?

May be in other words what do you need to copy a elastic cluster from one ECE to another?

Any thoughts?

KR Henk

Is machine cloning an option for you? Because the structure of Docker it's complex, but I never did it to say if is possible or not.

When I need to clone ECE to create a homol environment, I clone the machine.

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