Bad GELF performance

I have a Graylog installation that can handle well over 25.000 msg/sec.

I am now experimenting with setting up a dedicated Logstash cluster. So something like this:
Filebeat (n hosts) -> Logstash Cluster -> Graylog

The biggest issue now is that I can not send more than 2.500 msg/sec from one host to Graylog. No matter how big the host is (4, 8, 16, ... CPUs), no matter how small the messages are, there is always this 2.500 msg/seg limit.

I've even created messages with only 1 Byte paylog, the limit here is 2.800 msg/sec.

I can send messages from, for example, 4 different hosts. Resulting in 10.000 msg/sec (4 x 2.500). Graylog can handle this easily.

So my question is: Why can one host send no more than 2.500 msg/sec via GELF?

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