Badly formatted index, after interpolation still contains placeholder: [%{[@metadat a][target_index]}]

Hey guys, trying to aggregate audit events from a linux with
and got the error:
Badly formatted index, after interpolation still contains placeholder: [%{[@metadat a][target_index]}]

The stdout { codec => rubydebug } event output:
"@timestamp" => 2023-07-20T18:27:01.000Z,
"@version" => "1",
"tags" => [
[0] "aggregated"
"process.title" => "tr -dc [:digit:]",
"" => "host09",
"[@metadata][target_index]" => "p-os-linux-sh",

The code:

aggregate {
    task_id => "%{}"
    code => "
            curr_index = 'empty'

            map['tags']                                    || map['tags']           = event.get('tags')
            map['process.title']                        || map['process.title'] = event.get('process.title')
            map['']                           || map['']      = event.get('')
            map['@timestamp']                       || map['@timestamp']     = event.get('@timestamp')
            map['[@metadata][target_index]'] || map['[@metadata][target_index]'] = event.get('[@metadata][target_index]')

            curr_index = event.get('[@metadata][target_index]')

            if ! map['[@metadata][target_index]'].match(/3y$/)
                    if curr_index.match(/3y$/)
                            map['[@metadata][target_index]'] = curr_index
                    elsif curr_index.match(/1y$/) and not map['[@metadata][target_index]'].match(/1y$/)
                            map['[@metadata][target_index]'] = curr_index
        push_map_as_event_on_timeout => true
        timeout => 10
        inactivity_timeout => 5

        timeout_code =>  '

The root of the problem is the different [@metadata][target_index] values in events. The most priority index ends with 3y and so on.
If i set [@metadata][target_index]'] in "timeout_code" block by "string" value it works.
But don't know how to set it from a variable
event.set( '[@metadata][target_index]', map[ '[@metadata][target_index]' ] )
is not working.

I know it looks like invention of the wheel while auditbeat exists.
But the auditbeat consumes too many CPU for usage in a high load prod.

Replacing the map['[@metadata][target_index]'] by map['@metadata.target_index'] does not help

You have a field called "[@metadata][target_index]", not a [@metadata] object with a [target_index] field inside it. Try

        code => '
            map["[@metadata]"] ||= {}
            map["[@metadata]"]["target_index"] = event.get("[@metadata][target_index]")

Thanks to @Badger. His suggestion with a little change is working
map['@metadata']['target_index'] || map['@metadata']['target_index'] = event.get('[@metadata][target_index]')

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