Basic logstash as restful endpoint example

I'm trying to set up logstash to be a simple restful endpoint that forwards log messages to indexes within my elastic search instance. I wasn't really able to get a clear idea of how to do this from reading the "getting started" or documentation on the http plugins, so any help will be appreciated.

Current setup:
I have a elastic and logstash installed on a single Centos 7 instance. Elastic is currently running, but I have not started the logstash service yet.

Goal: I have a couple of other VM's I'll be using to send random logs to it using postman (or whatever else). Basically just http://CentosIPAddress:SomePortNumber/SomeIndex/SomeType

All the clients will all be posting to the same index --> type with the same basic message schema as the message body.

Goal2 will be understanding how to filter based on the message content and send to different indexes, but I just want to crawl before I walk.

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