Batch process at logstash

(Ducheol Kim) #1

Hi All.

I got a lot of help from here and Thanks for whole help.
I have another dump question.

Is it possible to do batch process at logstash ?

Below is my situation.

We are researching replace river to logstash and consider to use DB trigger to fire up re-indexing.
As you know, trigger is fired row-based, so multiple re-indexing message could be triggered for one transaction.

So we need to remove whole redundant re-indexing message and work only for final message.

As I check the logstash, it work as realtime.
But is it possible to run it as queue ( MQ ) to store some messages and do batch processing ( Eliminate some redundant message and work with only final message )?


(Mark Walkom) #2

Logstash is not a queue so you cannot treat it like one. You could implement a queue in front of it, push your changes to that and have LS constantly running and watching.

Otherwise you can treat LS as any other batch process and schedule a run of it.

(system) #3