Beat dont' ship log to ES when ES restart (ES died)

I'm using ES 2.0.

My cluster is full storage >85% (Status Red). i try to Remove some indices and restart cluster, status healthy is green. But filebeat and winlogbeat installed in server don't ship log to LS and ES. I must try to restart server filebeat and winlogbeat in server. It's working !

Please tell me why :frowning:

Thanks !

Beats stop when they cannot connect to ES, but they should restart when things are ok.

What version are you using?

I'm ussing filebeat version 1.01. Logstash version 2.1

I guess you're having some error logs in logstash/filebeat and at some time filebeat eventually stops shipping logs.

Update to filebeat version 1.1.1 ! This release contains a bug fix for output potentially hanging in error recovery.

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