Beat protocol

I've been looking for the beat protocol definition. I'd like to implement it in another language than just golang (C++ and maybe C#) and I found at least one post in this forum that someone would like to have it in another language (C++ I think it was).

I searched on google, I searched the forum and the only thing I can find is that beat protocol is lumberjack version 2. I also tried asking in IRC, in #elasticsearch where I was told to ask in #beats but it doesn't seem anybody knows (nobody's talking at all).

Can someone point me to the documentation regarding the protocol?

The golang implementation is available in go-lumber. Feel free to follow/comment on this ticket. A Java (netty based) implementation is hidden in the logstash-input-beats repository: .

There is no publish protocol definition for v2. It's basically lumberjack with 'J' data-frame for JSON encoded events + some minor behaviour changes.

Some related post on NiFi implementation, giving some more details about ACK behaviour: Testers wanted: *beat integration with Apache NiFi


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