Beat to monitorize OpenStack

I'm just wondering how to monitorize OpenStack with beat (like metricbeat).
I mean not the VMs status (CPU, RAM, etc), I want to monitorize OpenStack itself. Cluster status and so on.

Any hint will be welcome.

Also if It is possible to do it with Logstash.
Thanks in advance

From what I know there is no Beat for monitoring OpenStack, but I would like to encourage you to create one that solves your needs. It's simple to start going, and it doesn't require you to know Golang in advance. Here are the steps to follow from our developer guide.

Hi Monica,
Thanks for your reply. I already thinked about do it myself with golang, but I will seek another options before, as well is huge work.
I found this on github:

maybe it's a good option for it.
I will take a look little bit deeper on it and will post my results.

I don't have much experience with openstack myself, but seeing the amount of services OpenStack has makes me wonder what exactly you want to monitor. Any specific interfaces/components you want to monitor? You want to monitor OpenStack components itself or programs run on top of OpenStack. Have you any idea which/how resource are normally monitored? Are some of these exposing some metrics?

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