Beats cant send data suddenly to ES with errors pop up

I am using ES 5.0, Kibana 5.0 alpha4 and various beats to send data to ES. Everything runs fine and smooth at first. However, after a day, the beats suddenly cannot send the beats to the ES. I have been using different bearts, including winlogbeat, metribeats, etc. All of them suddenly stop working.

Error is as shown

2016/07/16 15:22:15.259659 single.go:130: INFO Connecting error publishing events (retrying): 401 Unauthorized
2016/07/16 15:22:15.259695 single.go:145: INFO send fail

What would be the issues?

Can you try running it with debug to catch a bit more info?

Error says 401 Unauthorized. you using shield or some other http based proxy requiring you to authenticate? Did someone add some proxy? Have your credentials being invalidated or changed?

Hi all,

Thanks for the guidance. I have set back the credentials in the yml file and it works now. Just wonder why it did not prompt me error at first when I start the machine. It stops me and prompt the error after the beats had been working for several hours.

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