Beats Load Balancing Query

(Chris Broll) #1

When I set up *beat (v1.1) to forwarding to two logstash (v2.2.0) instances in a two node cluster using load balance in the yaml files and then stop the logstash service on host1 I am not seeing any metrics coming in.

I have tried restarting the logstash service on node2 and it does complain that node1 is not available and the nodes are sharing AWS Security Groups so firewall is not an issue.

This is the configuration in each of the beats yaml files:

hosts: ["host1:5044","host2:5044"]
loadbalance: true


(Steffen Siering) #2

Can you add some log output for your beat? If possible, let's test topbeat first.

Run topbeat with $ topbeat -e -d '*' -c <config file> to get some debug output from topbeat.

Which version exactly are you using? For logstash you should run v1.1.1

(Chris Broll) #3

Brilliant, the debug option was what i was needing to see that after creating the new node and installing elasticsearch and logstash then setting up TLS I had forgotten to copy the certificate to the forwarders:

So just incase anyone else finds this useful here is what the topbeat debug looks like with logstash shutdown on node1 and with node two running minus the correct TLS certificate:

2016/03/21 13:09:05.397276 client.go:90: DBG  connect
2016/03/21 13:09:05.409236 transport.go:125: ERR SSL client failed to connect with: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of "crypto/rsa: verification error" while trying to verify candidate authority certificate "serial:16904923631867467328")
2016/03/21 13:09:06.253140 client.go:90: DBG  connect
2016/03/21 13:09:06.253675 transport.go:125: ERR SSL client failed to connect with: dial tcp node1:5044: getsockopt: connection refused

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