Beats management questions

Trying to get started in beats central management.

  1. How can I specify a port in logstash output hosts?

  2. How to add fields in the general section via management?


port of the Logstash is just a part of the URI e.g: ""

are you interested in custom fields?

My first config got DNS lookup failures on the "host:5044" combinations, but I can't reproduce it. I think I had a comma separated list as copied from filebeat.yml, now I have one line per host.

In filebeat.reference.yml, after line

> #================================ General =

> # Optional fields that you can specify to add additional information to the
> # output. Fields can be scalar values, arrays, dictionaries, or any nested
> # combination of these.
> #fields:
> # env: staging

Looking for the equivalent for managed beats, tags and fields that would be added to all inputs and modules.


@rugenl regarding general fields, I believe it's not possible with the CM in place

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