Beats output to AWS Elasticsearch

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We'd like to setup our beat to output to the AWS Elasticsearch offering. The ideal way to do this is to sign the HTTP request with the AWS credentials. I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement this in the beats codebase. Is it a different output type? Or an configuration option to the Elasticsearch output type?

This is the lightest touch I could think of, but I'm curious to discuss the feature with the beats maintainers:


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Thanks for opening the discussion and for using Beats. In general I'd see the AWS ES output as a separate output type, but to be honest, I'm not sure it is something we want to support in the main Beats repository. The AWS ES service is separate from Elastic, and testing with it will add a some overhead to us, so we're not particularly eager :slight_smile:

If you make it it's own output module, you could maintain it out of the Beats repository and only include it with a minimal patch at compilation time. This should help with maintaining across Beats versions. It looks like Go 1.8 will have dynamic plugins support, so relatively soon we might be also able to load such plugins at run time.

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