Beats Setup Options


I am trying to automate the setup of an Elastic Stack using docker. At present most of it is working, however I do have a question around the setup of beats. I am hoping you can help.

Basically I want to automate the setup of the beats, into Kibana and Elasticsearch by automatically loading in the relevant templates, this all works fine if I go the standard route of requiring the Elastic template and the Kibana dashboards in their entirety.

However there are times when I only want the Kibana and Elasticsearch index's to be setup, leaving the dashboards blank

The following options seem to be available for the setup of the beats modules

 winlogbeat setup [flags]

  --dashboards         Setup dashboards
  -h, --help               help for setup
  --machine-learning   Setup machine learning job configurations
  --pipelines          Setup Ingest pipelines
  --template           Setup index template

Template -> loads the Elasticsearch template
pipelines -> loads the relevant pipeline
dashboards -> loads Kibana index, visualisations and dashboards

In previous version, I think there was a way to only load the Kibana indexes (I could be wrong here)

Am I missing something ? Is what I am trying to do possible without having to setup the stack, export the stuff from Kibana and create versioned files, inputting via the API ?

The other option I thought of was load everything, then delete all visualisations and dashboards. I havent investigated the feasibility of this

I also have an issue with the winlogbeat, around loading templates etc from linux boxes, but there is a github issue for that

Any help is appreciated


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