Beats to check pings

Hi all,
how can i check the reachability of a server through beats for windows, i am a newbie here

You asking for a beat doing a ping every now and then?

There is a community beat name pingbeat.

yeah i was asking the same, how can i run that on windows? :neutral_face:

As pingbeat is a community beat we don't have any windows packages available. Best would be to try to build it yourself. For this you need golang installed on your machine: And the you have to use go build to create the binary: This normally works, but it could be that pingbeat has also some special dependencies I'm not aware of.

Hi @elastic-fan,

I'm the author of pingbeat. I don't publish binaries for any platform currently, it's always build from source. I build and test on Linux only. As @ruflin suggested, give it a try, I'd love to see if it works. In theory, there is nothing OS-specific in the code, though my code is really just glue around some other libraries.

Good luck!

i must say the people in this elastic group is amazingly awesome, responding quickly and .. FYI i am a sysadmin and i have no idea on how go works :confounded:

Compiling go can be a little tricky if you're not used to it. Especially when using windows.

This go getting starting guide shows you how you can setup an environment for setting up go.

You basically need a GOPATH environment variable. The it's just 'go get -u' to build pingbeat, like mentioned here.