Best beat to get tcp package losses


we are trying to get statistics on packet losses and connection resets from TCP.
I've tried flows but it doesn't know how many packages are lost and I can't see if there are any counts of the resets.
I was wondering if there is another beat that could gather statistics from the network, maybe via the OS, and ship that to ES.
Or if anyone has a suggestion of a tool that I could run regularly and send to logstash or similar.
Also the application runs in a docker container, we can run an agent there but would be better to run only one in the host OS.

Any suggestions?


In Metricbeat, there is a system network metricset that collect the metrics from /proc/net/dev on Linux.

It can give the dropped packet count for the interface. But connection reset info for TCP isn't tracked there. For that we have an open issue to enhance flows.

Hi Andrew,

thanks for the quick reply.
I'll check the metricbeat and keep an eye on the open issue, as that one seems to be what we need.


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