Best practices for exclusions in logstash

Good afternoon all,

I just had a quick question regarding exclusions or drops in logstash.

I know you can drop specific messages on the input or output in logstash.

I'm wondering what the best practice is for large lists of exclusions? Is there a way to do an include of a list of exclusion statements from an external file, or would you put them all in the syslog input/elasticsearch output?

I.E. if you want to drop messages that contain 1234 you could use:

if "1234" in [message] { drop { } }

Can you put a bunch of these in a file, then have logstash include that file as a statement in the input/output?

I.E. include => /file/of/drops

My scenario is If I have a syslog/beat client that is particularly noisy is it best practice to add lots of these exclusions, or do people typically do this elsewhere?



The translate filter should be useful in this case.

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