Bind Elastic Cloud Enterprise communications to a specific interface

Currently we have Elastic Cloud Enterprise deployed on five hosts, each of these hosts is equipped with two network interfaces: a 1 Gbps one for management and a 10 Gbps one for production. Both interfaces have IP addresses assigned in different networks. The default gateway goes over the 1 Gbps interface.

During the installation of Elastic Cloud Enterprise I set the "--coordinator-host" option to the address of the 10 Gbps interface; however we see now that ECE does not utilize the 10 Gbps network and instead communicates over the 1Gbps interfaces.

Is there a way to force ECE to bind all of its communication to a specific network interface?

Did you use --host-ip set to the correct interface's IP? (


No, I did not. Is this something that can be changed post installation?

Unfortunately it is not, sorry :frowning:

Thanks for the answer, that means that we're probably going to reinstall.

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