[BUG] Filebeat is unable to parse the syslog message when priority value is given as <0> in syslog message of format RFC 3164

It is observed that filebeat is unable to parse the syslog message of format RFC-3164 properly when priority value is given as <0> in syslog message. For other priorities filebeat is working as expected.

For the above reason filebeat syslog input will never able to parse syslog of Emergency kernal messages.

This is a major bug of filebeat syslog input plugin

Verification Version:
6.4.1 and 6.6.x

Execution Steps:
1. Enable "syslog" type prospector using "tcp" protocol in "filebeat.yml"
- type: syslog
enabled: true
host: "localhost:9000"
2. Start filebeat
# filebeat -e
3. Connect and send data using tcp client to filebeat
# nc localhost 9000
<0>Oct 11 22:14:15 mymachine su: 'su root' failed for lonvick on /dev/pts/8

Output observed in "syslog" field of parsed message:

Expected value for "syslog" field of parsed message:
"syslog": {
"priority": 0,
"severity_label": "Emergency",
"facility": 0,
"facility_label": "kernel"

Important Note:
I have verified this in different filebeat versions as well as in currently stable 6.6.x version. It is not working.

I am able to identify some source code level mistake for the above scenario. I have locally fixed this issue in code and it is working fine.

So I am going to raise an issue in github as well as will upload the patch for the fix.

Kindly let me know for any suggestion.

Indeed. Thank you for the report. We would be grateful if you opened a PR with your patch.

Hi @kvch,
Thank you for confirmation.

I have raised an issue in github regarding this

I have proposed a patch.

The PR is : https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/11011

Currently it is pending for CLA. I will do this agreement asap.

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Thank you!

I am going to close old pull request because of some base branch mismatch. New pull request is already created and approved by the reviewer.

Old PR : https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/11011
New PR: https://github.com/elastic/beats/pull/11288

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