[BUG] Logstash's temp file auto remove fail

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  • Version: logstash:5.4.1, output-s3: 4.07

  • Operating System: ubuntu or docker image:5.4.1

  • Config File (if you have sensitive info, please remove it):
    input {
    beats {
    port => 5002

output {
s3 {
access_key_id => "xxx"
secret_access_key => "xxx"
region => "xxx"
bucket => "my-logstash-log"
size_file => 10485760
time_file => 30
codec => line
prefix => "myAPI/%{+YYYY-MM-dd}"
encoding => "none" #none or gzip
restore => "false"

  • Sample Data:

  • Steps to Reproduce:
    By using this config , I found there files was locked by logstash when day change.
    So I got a lot of tmp file folder that didn't remove correctly in the /tmp/logstash/xxxxxxx .

How to resolve this problem?

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