[Bug] Output/Kafka Can't use topics with uppercase letters anymore

Hi there,

I wanted to upgrade my winlogbeat from 7.2.0 to 7.7.0 today but had to realize that the kafka output is broken.

In newer versions, the config option topic from output.kafka goes through a constSelectorExpr and is lowercased before being passed to the kafka client. This means that I can't write to a topic of mine anymore as it contains an uppercase letter.

I guess that's not an inteded behavior especially as I don't see a reference to it in the CHANGELOG. Can you shed some light on that issue for me? I would really like to upgrade the release ASAP as I hope it solves another issue of mine with wrong @timestamp from winlog/ActiveDirectory and non UTC time zones..

NOTE: GitHub pointed me to first post here before opening an issue over there...

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