Build Winlobeat deb file

I know the request is odd but i want to distribute winlogbeat inside a docker container that runs debian. I plan then (through configs and volumes) to read from the host windows machine.

Is there any way i can build a winlogbeat deb to distribute inside my docker container?

Winlogbeat is built for Windows only, so a deb doesn't really make sense.

I understand, but if you check my use case above it would make sense. I want to bundle it on an existing docker container that already has other things and runs on debian.

Is it possible? I dont see why not since its all based on libbeat

I get you, but winglogbeat needs to be installed on the host. It can't read a remote host from wherever it is installed, as it needs to pull from the local windows event log.

Ok in that case i guess no way around. any plans of improving that in the future? all other beats can be ran dockerized just winlogbeat not... would be good to make it work on docker.

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