Can filebeat exclude a specific container name from hints-based autodiscover?

In a hints-based autodiscover configuration, can filebeat exclude all instances of a specific container name from discovery, even if co.elastic.logs/enabled: 'true' is set for the pod?

My use case is that I have a filebeat.autodiscover provider, which specifically monitors all istio-proxy containers and sends their logs to a specific index, so I want to globally exclude them from hints-based autodiscover. It would be easiest if I could do this within the filebeat config, rather than setting it at the pod or namespace level.

Did you look into template conditions?

They would be ideal and that was my initial thought, but I couldn't determine whether conditions could be used in a hint-based autodiscover rule or where/how to apply them. Can you point me to a more complete reference regarding hints that might help with this?

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