Can Filebeat send to one specific partition in Kafka cluster?


We have a scenario where we are sending data from one filbeat(6.3.2) agent to a three partition kafka(0.0.10.) topic. We are wanting filebeat to only send to one of the partitions in the kafka cluster.

I found this post where it kind of explains how to do this using the key feature in filebeat:

This is our filebeat config:

#----------------------------- Kafka output --------------------------------

  # initial brokers for reading cluster metadata
  hosts: ["","",""]

  # message topic selection + partitioning
  topic: '%{[topic]}'
  client_id: my_clientid

  key: 'anodot_kafkatest'
    hash: []
    reachable_only: false

#  required_acks: 1
#  compression: gzip
#  max_message_bytes: 1000000

Does the config look correct? Should we be using something else?
Is there a way to verify that it in fact went to only one partition?


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